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Blogging about travel I have already experienced, brings to life the memories, I once again feel and see the raw beauty of places I have visited, many of which have now become much more commercial.

A Special Place

In my travel blogs I try to describe how I felt and what I thought the first time I saw places such as Uluru  Kata Tjta and Kings Canyon.

My first sight of this Majestic Rock, rising out the red earth  in all its splendor characterising this special and unique area.

As far as the eye can see is nothing more than a scattering of trees, on a very flat plain, when suddenly it appears, and it takes your breath away.

The closer you get the larger it becomes and “The Rock” looking so smooth from a distance, getting closer I can see the indentations and crevices worn away by hundreds of thousands of years of wind and rain.

When walking around Uluru you can feel that this is a special place. There are some areas around the Rock that have extra special significance to the Aboriginal people, in those places you are asked not to photograph nor venture off the walkway.

Back in Time

Blogging in this place would have been so special, but there was no such thing as travel blogs back then, only a diary to record my thoughts, no video cameras there were only 8mm movie cameras, and today I have no way to watch those films. so I start blogging with what I remember.

I feel the warmth of the sun on my face, I am back in 1979, I decide to climb “The Rock” it doesn’t look too hard, a short way up there is a chain anchored into the rock; the climb it gets steeper.

I can see now how some have perished trying this climb, now I know why the chain was put up, one slip and you go sliding down to the bottom with nothing to stop you.
I pass the chain section and it becomes less steep, I reach the top… I look around, in the distance I see Kata Tjta not looking as large but still spectacular.

Respecting The Traditional Owners

Now you can climb if the conditions are right, but the Traditional Owners ask that you will choose to respect their law and culture by not climbing, so when we last went we did not climb.

Do not attempt it if you have high or low blood pressure, heart problems, breathing problems, a fear of heights, or if you are not reasonably fit. Over the years 35 people have died while attempting the climb Uluru.

The Changes

The last time I went to Uluru was 10 years ago and so much had changed, there was only a camp ground when I first went.
Now I would be able to take my laptop and start travel blogs as I go, and have my video and digital cameras to record everything. There is now a resorts, as well as some camping grounds.
I am glad I saw this area before it changed as now I remember it in its natural beauty without the made roads, information/shopping center, or the well- established camping grounds and resorts.

When I first saw  this area it was a totally natural environment.


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